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I am Sushma Bhosale, a visual artist from Pune. In my paintings nature takes place of an important role - I created spread form of nature's body and infinite beauty of it. In my paintings journey towards the nature and its forms. Painting is a dramatic illusion of forms. My forms act as the actor of my drama, which I direct them on my canvas. I relate then with the nature and the existence. Each form has its own character and I try to show the feeling of individual. Color's played mysterious and softness so in the luminous effect combining bold and the mild color's together and creating the drama behind the scene.

Each painting has its own stories and each story has its own grace. I followed my path from the nature to the drama.

There is not only nature's colors combination, form, shape or art of production but I give local view and attracting feelings to them. And in this horizon, water, sky, amplitude and going forward from this full of feelings and due to this there is a meaning of happening texture. There is transparency of clarity, happiness and depth of open and close amplitude can be felt. In this way that indicate the primary and accurate position of our sight, view and thought.

Not everyone is made to make different but for me, choice to live inordinary life is no longer in options.

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